pictures #2 "my love is dead"


two striped jumping spider

Check your toilet seats people, because Arachnius gluteus might be looking for a chance to crawl up your butt.


One day I will get my hands on this book...


update- outdated already I don't know what else to put here, so I will start by posting about the music that I have been listening to. These are the current top 9 of albums/soundtracks that I often listen to on repeat. My writing might be cringe, but I will try to describe why I like some of these anyway.

Achievement is an album which I value a lot. It is like revisiting childhood memories, and reminiscing about simpler and carefree times. Each track evokes distinct feelings, starting from greetings, which is like waking up to the rising sun as a child, to thanks, which leaves you with the feeling of excitement and hope for what the future holds, as well as reflecting on your journey as a whole.

Exmilitary is my favourite death grips album, and Beware was the first death grips song that I listened to. On my first listen, I didn't quite get it, as I had never before listened to a song in which the vocalist screamed at the top of his lungs, lyrics which I thought were incoherent. However, as I listened through the mixtape, I liked how unique the experience was and kept coming back to it. death grips lyrics are now the lyrics like the most, and after listening to it over and over, the title Exmilitary made much more sense to me.

Wow, I managed to describe two of these. For the rest, the theme on why I like them is quite similar, that they offer a unique experience, make me feel a wide range of emotions and so on. It is almost 4 hours past my bedtime now, so I will end this entry here.